Two Options for Floor Covering in New York

Choices for Floor Covering in New York mainly involve two options, and they are hardwood floors or carpeting. Homeowners choose one over the other for various reasons. Below is a closer look at the two and the different benefits of having one over the other.

Hardwood Floors

One of the reasons people choose hardwood floors for their home is because they increase the home’s value, as well as making the home appear much nicer and larger. Hardwood floors are also easier to clean up any messes or spills because one simply has to sweep and mop the area to make it look great again.

Cons of Hardwood Floors

As with everything, hardwood floors do have a couple of negative aspects about them. First, they are rather expensive to purchase and have installed. Secondly, it is much louder inside the home, especially if it is a two or three story home because the noise will travel well. Finally, hardwood floors make the home colder in the winter months and do not provide much warmth and comfort.


When it comes to Floor Covering in New York, many people choose to put down carpet throughout the home because it is a much more economical option for them. Carpets now come in hundreds of colors, textures, threads, and more. A carpet in a home will provide much warmth, comfort, and is a cushion underneath bare feet.

Cons of Carpets

Carpets do have a negative aspect to them, and that is they trap dirt and they are harder to clean. Dirt from the bottom of shoes gets trapped in the fibers of the rug and may cause a stain that can be difficult to remove. Dust and allergens get trapped in the carpet and can cause health issues to the family living there.

Hardwood floors and carpeting are both great options and it really depends on the person’s needs and budget to determine what they would like to have installed. For professional assistance, visit Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation to learn more and to set up a consultation appointment. There, a professional will be able to give out numerous suggestions regarding the space to assist you in choosing the right floor covering. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.

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