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Try These Three Simple Fixes Before Calling for Residential Furnace Repair in Irving, TX

When the furnace goes out on a winter day, it can be disastrous. Most repairs require the immediate assistance of a trained technician, but here are a few simple tricks homeowners can try before calling a contractor for residential furnace repair in Irving TX. None of these tips avoid the need for regular professional maintenance or extensive repairs should they be necessary, but they may keep a family out of the cold a little bit longer.

Check the Thermostat

The thermostat allows homeowners to easily adjust the indoor temperature, so if there’s something wrong with it the furnace itself may not be able to work. Change the battery and check the wires leading back to the actual furnace to be sure they are not loose and there are no breaks. If there are, try splicing the line together and using electrical tape to hold it. Remove any dust or debris from the inside of the thermostat as well.

Check Shutoff Switches

This may sound obvious, but the furnace needs to be turned on to work. Be sure it isn’t attached to a wall switch that has been shut off, and that a fuse or breaker hasn’t blown. This tip isn’t so much a repair as a means of ensuring that the heating contractor won’t laugh at whoever makes the call. If the furnace itself is on, make sure that the gas is flowing as well. If the furnace is older it may still have a pilot light that needs to be lit.

Change the Filters

Turn the heat all the way down at the thermostat and be sure to turn the furnace itself off before attempting this trick. Once it is receiving no power, remove the filters and switch them out with new ones. Those flat filters are intended to be changed at least once a month during the winter. Many homeowners don’t know that clogged filters are the most common reason for a malfunctioning furnace, and also the easiest to fix.

Other Tips

If none of these simple solutions helps, it may be time to make the call for professional Residential Furnace Repair in Irving TX. Visit Xtreme Air Services for more information or to contact a repair technician to schedule an appointment today.

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