Trophies Bethesda MD Strives for Customer Satisfaction Apr24


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Trophies Bethesda MD Strives for Customer Satisfaction

When looking for a premier awards and recognition company such as trophies Bethesda MD, it might help to consider exactly what type of product you might prefer. Awards come in various forms such as ribbons, medals, plaques, and trophies. There are also clocks, certificate plaques, sport specific trophies such as swimming and baseball, and glass awards. Typically engraving is included in the price of the award or trophy.

Engraving by trophies Bethesda MD can be requested. Frequently, the format of the engraving is fairly standard. The first line often includes the type of award, such as First Place or Most Improved.. The second line might have the person’s name who is receiving the award. The reason for the award might be placed on the third line, and below that might be the date or place that the award was earned or received. An image to be engraved on the award may be submitted electronically. However, care must be taken to avoid submitting a small, low resolution image in a picture format because that type of image typically is difficult to replicate. The size of the pixels or dots used on a computer screen to create this type of image does not translate well to engraving. Instead, they tend to produce a grainy picture and detract from the professional appearance of the award. Rather than submitting an image to trophies Bethesda MD created by pixels or dots, please consider submitting a vector image, an image created with lines instead of dots. Vector images are more clearly enlarged and produce a beautiful, profession award. Several computer programs create vector images.

Along with trophies and awards, the company specializes in promotional products. These include items such as mugs, caps, or office and desk accessories. Please feel free to contact the company for more information. Unfortunately, due to the cost to produce promotional products, there may be an additional engraving fee for these items. trophies Bathesda MD strives to produce a quality, professional award and has a reputation for outstanding customer service. We value our customers and look forward to working with you in the very near future.

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