Tricks for Optimal Interior Design in Bethesda MD

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Business

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It is always interesting to note that many people live in places less than they inhabit or use them. This is one reason that so many people seek professional interior design in Bethesda MD, for home or working spaces. After all, many of us think of interior design in terms of choosing paint, flooring and wall art. Some may take things farther and consider the layout of furnishings, lighting and more. However, not a lot of us take the time to roll up our sleeves and really figure out what it would take to make any living or working space one in we love to use.

Yet, experts in interior design in Bethesda MD do have tips they would share anyone who asked, and key among them is to make any space one “you’ll want to use”. Whether it is a home office, bedroom, or entire living room area, making it appealing to you esthetically is just as significant as ensuring the room serves its purpose.

Again, as an expert has said, “Each room must have a purpose…whether it’s a music room, tech room, study, or trophy room. In nearly all houses … a room inevitably turns into a dumping ground, … To avoid this, use design to turn the room into something that you are proud of, that way you won’t want it to become a storage area and you will find pleasure in using it.”

If you doubt this, consider how quickly a TV room becomes a place with DVDs, games and other items stacked everywhere or how a bathroom closet is more utility than esthetically appealing.

Is it tough to design a space that is also appealing to look at and use? Absolutely, and it is precisely why so many in need of interior design in Bethesda MD will turn to trained experts for help. The very best will offer everything from consulting to tackling the project in full.

If you are eager to have skilled interior design in Bethesda MD, contact Zoe Feldman Design. As an award-winning graduate of Parsons School of Design graduate, she uses an effective and unique approach to each project. Beginning with in-depth conversations, her goal is to understand clients’ visions, needs and hopes for each room. This results in living or working spaces that feel precisely right for the client and which reflects the modern, yet classic esthetic within all of her design projects. Get in touch for a consultation. You can also follow her on Facebook for more updates.

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