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The Tree Most Common Pest Problems That Can Be Remedied By An Animal Control Service In Freehold NJ

Few things strike fear into the heart of a homeowner like a pest infestation, as it can not only wreak havoc on the interior elements of a home but can also leave excrement behind and create an unsafe living situation. One of the worst things a person can do is attempt to alleviate a pest problem on their own. An Animal Control Service in Freehold NJ can make the process easy and ensure that a home is safe for everyone who lives there. Here is a quick look at just three of the many types of pests they can eradicate.


Squirrels may seem like benign creatures, but if they are allowed to nest inside an attic, they can gnaw away at electrical wiring and structural elements, which can lead to fires and even structural problems that can leave a house unsafe. Squirrels are prone to carrying rabies and other diseases, so it is essential to utilize a professional so they can be removed quickly and without causing harm.


One of the scariest pests that can invade a home is bats, and they are commonly found in fireplaces and attics. An infestation of just one bat can quickly grow in size, and their waste can not only cause unbearable smells but carry diseases that are harmful to people of all ages. Bats can be very territorial, so it is important to locate an experienced Animal Control Service in Freehold NJ, as they can eliminate them safely.


Though they may be small, mice can quickly invade a home and chew through insulation and electrical wiring, in addition to leaving trails of dangerous waste in their wake. Commercially available products can be useful in mitigating them but are often not able to stave off future infestations. An exterminator can use a combination of bait boxes and perimeter sprays to kill off any mice that may be present and ensure others won’t be able to enter.

Don’t let rodents overtake a home and create a dangerous living environment or lead to structural issues. A professional pest control company can tackle any problems and have a home free of pests in as little as one appointment. Read more about Dynamic Pest Control and see how they can keep any home safe year round.

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