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Tree Care in Bartow

Arborists are specialists in the care of trees. Tree Care Bartow includes pruning trees to restore the tree’s crown and overall structure, pruning and excavating tree roots, and removing trees as well as preserving trees. An arborist service can also grind up tree stumps. If you are considering hiring an arborist service, for your protection make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured while they are on your property. Their employees should be trained in safety measures from programs such as the USDA Forest Training program and the International Society of Aboriculture.

Pruning can help your trees live longer. Once a tree is gone, it can take over a lifetime to replace it. However, if pruning is done incorrectly, it can damage the tree severely. Some Tree Care Bartow services will advertise that they will prune your trees to make them hurricane-proof. However, this kind of pruning things them out too much; it makes them weaker and they die sooner. Correct tree pruning is done according to the standards set forth in ANSI A300.

Another aspect of Tree Care Bartow is tree preservation. This actually includes many different tree care services designed to keep the trees healthy. The arborist can excavate a tree’s roots to see if the roots have any health defects. If a tree has a structural weakness, they can brace the tree with cabling systems designed to support trees as they grow. Arborists can also help protect your trees from lightning, which can actually crack and split trees. If a tree is destroyed by lightning, it can actually cost more to have the dead tree and stump removed than it would have cost to have an arborist service set up lightning protection for the tree. Some arborist services offer a healthy tree program in which they come out and check the health of your trees every other month or at least once a year.

Finally,  Tree Care Bartow also includes tree removal. There are specific safety measures the crew must take to ensure the tree doesn’t fall onto the house, power lines, or any other objects. Workers, including tree climbers, will need to secure the tree with cables. The service might bring in tools like compact saws and even a crane to remove large pieces.

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