Traveling with Your Dog : Tips from Your Veterinary Hospital in Temecula

by | Jan 4, 2012 | Animal Health

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Our dogs are not just companion animals at home, for often they accompany us on trips; here are some guidelines to make sure one of those trips isn’t to your veterinary hospital in Temecula.

Whether we’re just running a quick errand across town or taking a vacation for a few days or more, we often bring our dogs with us.  How many times have you been on the road and seen a dog with its head out the window, enjoying the wind? How often has your dog done this? Although this is something of an iconic image, in fact the practice of allowing dogs to be exposed to the open air at high speeds can be dangerous, for it can mean foreign bodies getting in their face, including the eyes. This may mean a visit to your veterinary hospital in Temecula.

This practice is also risky because a dog could take it into its head to jump out through the window, which puts it at immediate risk to whatever is around it, if not from the fall itself. Protect your dog from injuries that would necessitate a visit to your veterinary hospital in Temecula. We tell children to keep arms and hands in the car; our pets deserve our concern for their safety, too!

Particularly with toy breeds, some drivers allow a dog to sit right in his or her lap. This is extremely dangerous: a dog can be a distraction from driving, putting the owner (and dog) at risk, and a dog can be seriously injured or killed in the event of an accident. Deploying air bags can be fatal or extremely injurious to a small dog, and an unrestrained dog can be ejected through the windshield, just like a person not wearing a seatbelt.

Dogs accompanying their owners in a vehicle should be restrained with a pet harness. Soft crates are available as well. If you choose a harness and wish to allow your pet to enjoy the air coming through a window, roll the window down enough that your dog’s nose can fit in the opening but without enough room for the dog to escape.

If you’re traveling some distance, it is wise to put temporary tags on your dog with your cell phone number or the address of where you’re staying, in case you and your dog become separated. Also, do not worry about your animal having access to food and water while you are driving; it is more comfortable for your dog to eat and drink at a rest stop, and it’ll be neater for your vehicle as well.

Remember that a car trip should be safe; taking the simple steps above can help your dog avoid a visit to your veterinary hospital in Temecula to treat a travel-related injury.

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