Travelers – How to Enjoy Fresh Seafood in Charleston, South Carolina Jul19


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Travelers – How to Enjoy Fresh Seafood in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina, is a seaside town with many places to buy fresh and cooked seafood. Travelers come to this city to experience fresh seafood with a Southern, Lowcountry flair. This city is rich in food and culture. Read on to find out how to enjoy seafood in Charleston.

Visit Seafood Markets

When some people visit different cities, they like to take food items back home. A Charleston fish market does not only sell fresh seafood. You can find ready-made dishes like crab dip, seafood gumbo, and jambalaya. It is also a place to pick up souvenirs for loved ones, like grits, sauces, marinades, and hushpuppy mix.

A Charleston fish market is an opportunity to experience fresh seafood from the coast. It helps to bring a cooler so that you can stock up on crab, shrimp, oysters, and black sea bass.

Try the She Crab Soup

She crabs soup is a traditional and popular dish in Charleston. It is a crab soup made of female crabs with something extra, which is crab roe. You will find this dish on the menu of many restaurants.

Shrimp and Grits

Shrimp was once a food only for the lower class in the south until it grew in popularity. Grits came from an Indian tribe called the Muskogee Native American. You cannot come to Charleston without trying the shrimp and grits.

This city is one where you will have a delicious culinary experience. It will have you wanting to recreate dishes when you get back home. Contact Mt. Pleasant Seafood at for your seafood needs!

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