Transportation and Logistics Insurance: Right Coverage at the Right Price Aug19


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Transportation and Logistics Insurance: Right Coverage at the Right Price

Transportation and logistics insurance providers offer insurance solutions for the purposes of the transportation and ground delivery industry. In particular, service options include insurance for business entities partnering with Amazon parcel delivery and FedEx parcel delivery.

How Insurance Providers Work
A transportation insurance company in NJ helps individual couriers assess risk and ensure they have sufficient insurance protection without wasting money on over-insurance.

Insurance for Amazon Parcel Delivery
Amazon DSP businesses carry a lot of responsibility in terms of both actual parcel delivery and service level expectations. Transport and logistics insurance in NJ is there for that reason: to provide highly competing and extensive insurance plans designed for a business’s specific needs, letting the courier business get to work as a service provider.

Transportation insurance services in NJ offer coverage related to:

• Amazon DSP Worker’s Comp
• Commercial Auto
• General Liability
• Cargo
• Health

Insurance for FedEx Parcel Delivery

Business enterprises interested in partnering with FedEx as a parcel delivery service will need to protect themselves through insurance coverage. Transportation insurance services in NJ are specific to that business’s needs, providing a level of protection and peace of mind against instances of alleged parcel-not-delivered-as-required claims.

Transport and logistics insurance in NJ handle a range of commercial insurance types, including ISP insurance, FedEx Linehaul insurance, and Parcel Delivery insurance, ensuring that couriers have the right insurance for their business.

Capstone Insurance & Financial Services is a transportation insurance company in NJ and a team of experienced and licensed professionals, helping transportation businesses meet business insurance and financial needs. To learn more, call (888) 300-3995 or visit today.

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