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Toshiba pa3534u-1brs battery review

The Toshiba pa3534u-1brs battery is a popular choice for many Toshiba users. It fits with most standard Toshiba laptops and snaps easily in and out for simple removal and replacement. It is one of the most often ordered types of batteries and although it is a good standard battery, understanding the basic products features and performance levels of this battery type can help you to determine if this model is the best option for your Toshiba laptop.

Product features

The description claims that it has up to four hours of battery life per charge which is estimated at about one third of a day’s usage. This is a good amount of time for a typical laptop battery to remain charged and provide significant performance levels for your laptop. In addition, the pa3534u-1brs battery has a 10.8V x 4000mAh capacity and is very lightweight at only .68 lbs. The dimensions measure 3.20”X470”X1.00”. If you are looking for a standard battery to replace your current Toshiba battery, then the pa3534u-1brs model offers everything you would expect a standard battery to have.


As far as performance, this battery does live up to the product description by supplying up to four continuous hours of laptop usage. It is recommended that you not keep the battery charging for longer than necessary or risk having the battery become ineffective over time. Upon first use, you may wish to provide the battery with an initial charging session to give it maximum charge on the first use. After the first initial charge, you should only charge the pa3534u-1brs battery as needed instead of keeping it continually connected to a power source.

Product specific details

The basic product details of this battery type are that it is designed specifically for PC use and is traditionally shipped within the U.S. although this varies based on the specific retailer. If you are in a non U.S. country, you simply need to find a wholesaler or individual online retailer that will ship this item to your destination.

Another item that is typically purchased with the pa3534u-1brs battery is the Toshiba 75-watt global adapter. If your battery has become unresponsive to charging, it may be that you need to replace your adapter as well as the battery. A new adapter will carry a stronger stream of energy to the battery allowing it to retain its charge for a longer period of time. In addition, by purchasing a new adapter as well as the battery you can save on shipping costs with most online retailers who offer bulk discounts.


When comparing this battery to others that are similar, it performs the same if not better. It holds a charge for up to four hours and charges up very quickly. The pa3534u-1brs battery is highly recommended for the Toshiba PC notebook.

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