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Top Tips to Tell When You May Have a Leak in Your Pool in Staten Island

While it may seem like it would be obvious that there is a leak in your pool, that is not always the case. Not every leak is going to resemble a rushing waterfall. Here are some of the top ways that pool professionals say you may need to call someone pool leak repair Staten Island, NY.

The Water Bill Goes Up

If you find there has been a sudden increase in your water bill, it is an indication that you may have a leak somewhere in your pool. Even if the hole in the pool is a mere pinprick, it can still result in hundreds of gallons of water leaking out on a weekly basis. If left unrepaired, it can cause structural damage not only to the pool itself but your home if it is indoors or the landscaping if the pool is outdoors.


If you suddenly find standing water around the pool and there has not been anyone swimming nor has there been any recent rainfall, then you surely have a leak in your pool. If you have an outside pool, feel the ground around it. If it feels mushy, then you may want to call the professionals and have them look to see if you have an underground leak. If you do, it is time for pool leak repair in Staten Island, NY.

If you have found that your beloved pool has sprung a leak, contact Atlantic Pool Leak Detection at https://atlanticpoolleak.com. They will make it gets repaired in no time at all.

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