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Top tips for keeping your Harley in top condition

Harley Davidson motorcycles are the foremost providers of premium motorcycles in the world, and possessing one is a great privilege that very few can claim. They are icons of the biking world, and are a level up from any of the competition. Treating your Harley with the utmost care is important in maintaining its look and quality, as well as ensuring it lasts for many years. Motorcycles are subjected to a high level of dirt and grit over time as they travel over roads, so making sure all this is cleaned is important not only for aesthetic purposes but also for the longevity of your Harley. Though many may feel that simply scrubbing your Harley hard enough will manage to clean it completely, this is simply not the case. Others believe that if you smother it in cleaning fluid, all the dirt will eventually fall off and your Harley will be as good as new – this is also not the case. Using the wrong type of cleaning fluid can in fact be disastrous for your Harley, causing irrevocable damage to the finish or to vital parts of the motorcycle. Many cleaning fluids contain high levels of acid which can slowly eat away at the material on your Harley. Anyone looking to maintain their Harley in Irwin to a high-standard should follow the tips below which can help you keep your Harley in the best condition possible.

Remove grit and dirt from the vital parts

The small pieces of grit and dirt that inevitably deposit on your Harley over many months can threaten the machinery of your motorcycle. The grit can impair the effectiveness of many of the vital parts of your bike, so removing them regularly is imperative to the longevity of your Harley. As well as this, nobody wants dirt and muck to hinder the aesthetic beauty of their Harley. Keeping a great shine on your Harley makes it look infinitely better, and removing dirt from the bike is vital to achieving this.

Be sure to use the correct cleaning fluid

Finding the right strength of cleaning fluid is vital for the long-term health of your Harley in Irwin, as fluids that are too strong can slowly eat away at the metal and cause serious damage. Though strong fluids may at first seem brilliant as they can remove dirt and grit quickly, slowly they begin to cause acid damage to your bike which will gradually wear it down. Research which products are best to use in great detail to ensure this doesn’t happen, and also be sure not to apply fluids too often as they can cause damage if used too frequently.

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