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Top Tips for Finding the Best Texas Tech Apartments Near Campus

At the start of each college semester, student housing communities are in high demand. Students want the best Texas Tech apartments near campus, but finding the right community isn’t always easy. Below are some tips to find housing that fits one’s budget and makes one’s college experience fun and easier.


A perk of living off-campus is having more privacy than what one would get in a student dorm. Students prefer off-campus apartments that offer a variety of floor plans with numerous bedroom options. A popular off-campus option is cottage-style living, which includes multi-bedroom floor plans each with its own bathrooms and without upstairs or downstairs neighbors.

Furniture Packages

Living off-campus is great, but what about furnishing the new apartment? Students whose living situation might change from semester to semester prefer apartments that include optional furniture packages. Move-in ready apartments ease the stress of moving and allow students to flow into the next semester without worrying about how they’re going to afford furniture or who’s going to help them move it all.

Per-person Contracts

Long gone are the days when finding an off-campus apartment meant finding a trustworthy roommate who will pay their rent on time. Today, students have options such as per-person contracts. Apartments that offer this rental option offer peace of mind and security.

Community Features

Lastly, students should look for apartments near campus that offer community features such as grilling stations, pools, recreational centers, and even pet washing stations. These features create a rich, luxurious living experience that college students deserve.

To learn more about top-rated Texas Tech apartments near campus, check out Capstone Cottages of Lubbock online.

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