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Top Three Ways a Tenant Landlord Attorney in Chicago Can Help Renters

Renting may be a pretty typical part of your life, and you might not think that you will ever need a tenant landlord attorney in Chicago. However, landlords often have attorneys who offer them guidance and are looking out for the best interest of the landlord. Having an attorney who has experiencing helping tenants can help make sure that your rights are protected.

The Lease
A lease is a binding legal document that you must sign in order to secure housing as a tenant. Having an attorney look over the document that you are agreeing to will help make sure that the terms offered in the agreement are fair and legal according to Chicago, state and federal laws.

Security Deposits
Some landlords will try to charge outrageous security deposits that violate local laws, while others will try to keep the security deposit even if you have done nothing wrong as a tenant. A tenant landlord attorney in Chicago may be able to help ensure that you are not taken advantage of financially through an illegal or unfair security deposit.

A landlord may try to evict you under the claim that you have violated our lease. While they may have the legal right to do so, the law dictates both when and how they may evict you from the property. An attorney with experience in landlord and tenant law can help you determine if your landlord is following legal procedure with their eviction.

Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells pride themselves on providing the public with qualified tenant landlord attorneys in Chicago.

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