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Top Three Possible Causes of Unusual Sounds From Your Washing Machine

All washing machines produce some degree of noise as they operate. The sound produced by a wash cycle should be soothing. Anything more than that should signal that something is wrong with your washing machine. Therefore, if you suddenly notice a loud noise coming from your washing machine, hire a repair technician to inspect and fix the problem. First, you need to learn some causes of noisy washing machines and when to hire a repair technician.

Caught debris
Most people don’t realize that small objects and coins are frequent additions to wash cycles. Sometimes this debris goes through a wash cycle without causing problems, but other times they get caught in the inner drum of your washing machine. Consequently, they produce a lot of noise, usually a loud rattling noise. You should get the debris out of the filter or sump hose to prevent further damage to your unit.

Drum Bearing
A loud grinding noise from a washing machine when in operation is the result of a worn-out drum. You might have to hire a company that offers professional washing machine repair in New Orleans to replace the seal and full bearing. A loud grinding sound is often evident during the spin cycle, and it gets louder as the washing machine runs. However, if the sound is a squeak, you might not need a full bearing replacement. You probably need to lubricate the machine.

Drive Pulley
Washing machines use a drive pulley to offer a smooth spinning movement. When the drive pulley is faulty or worn out, the belt is unable to hold the tub stable during a spin cycle. Consequently, the process causes a loud thumping or rumbling sound. You shouldn’t use the unit until you hire a company that provides washing machine repair in New Orleans.

It is always best to hire a washing machine repair technician to inspect and fix your faulty unit. You shouldn’t try to repair your washing machine if you don’t have knowledge and training. Also, refrain from using a defective machine until you have it repaired.

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