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Top Smart Farming Technologies to Look Out for

Farming and agriculture isn’t just the economical basis for India. Rather, it’s a potential source of employment for almost 151 million people, with 60% of the Indian population finding their livelihood from the sector.

However, the occupation of farming has come a long way from its days of handheld tools. As technology continues to do the impossible, smart farming tools are emerging to transform the agriculture industry. With the adoption of smart farming technologies, efficiency, profitability, and sustainability go hand in hand. Learn about the top farming technologies transforming the Indian agriculture sector:

  1. Remote Sensors

Proper irrigation is vital for crop health, as incorrect watering can be detrimental. When crops are watered manually, there is a risk of both over and underwatering. Additionally, monitoring every section of a field can be a daunting task.

However, implementing remote sensors allows for comprehensive field coverage. Information is transmitted wirelessly, creating a sophisticated irrigation system that tracks moisture and mineral levels in the soil. With this valuable data, farmers can make informed decisions on when to harvest their crops for optimal yield.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

The widespread implementation of artificial intelligence has revolutionised various industries. By providing real-time information on crop development, AI can greatly improve agricultural practices.

Additionally, it can assist in identifying and diagnosing crop diseases that may occur during different seasons. AI can also help address the labour shortage issue in the country.

Farmers can utilise AI-powered smart farming technologies such as driverless tractors, intelligent irrigation systems, and automated fertilisation equipment. Therefore, the need to hire manual labourers for these tasks will be eliminated. As a result, it will relieve the strain of labour shortages on farmers.

With the assistance of smart farming technologies, you can significantly boost the productivity of your agribusiness and adopt sustainable practices. These advanced technologies offer powerful solutions to maximise your efficiency.

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