Top Signs You Need to Call for Water Heater Repair in Naples, FL Feb02


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Top Signs You Need to Call for Water Heater Repair in Naples, FL

Water heaters don’t stop working overnight. Yet, most people think they do because they haven’t paid attention to the worsening conditions of this essential appliance. When you see these signs of water heater distress, call for water heater repair in Naples, FL, to fix the problem fast.

Water Temperature Changes

Does your hot water temperature fluctuate? If your water turns cold, hot, lukewarm, and back to scalding hot, there’s a problem. Sediment in the water heater can cause these fluctuating temperatures. Often, having the water heater flushed resolves the issue.

Hot Water Pressure Is Reduced

Aging water heaters can have trouble producing strong hot water flow, but sediment can also cause this problem. If there’s sediment in hot water pipes, it becomes difficult for water to move through them and produce a steady flow of hot water. A plumber needs to clean out the pipes and, in some cases, might need to replace them.

Water Heater Makes Odd Sounds

Water heaters might make sounds when they turn on, or their heating cycle is in progress. However, they shouldn’t make loud, unmistakable sounds like banging or slapping. If you notice these sounds, your water heater might have mineral deposits inside the tank. You hear mini explosions because the sediment is heating up and popping when the water heats up.

Water heaters don’t last forever, but they can last longer with maintenance and prompt repairs. To schedule water heater repair in Naples, FL, contact the Diversified Plumbing Services of SW Florida team at

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