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Top Reasons To Use A Screw Air Compressor

In most types of industrial and commercial manufacturing, fabrication and processing facilities, there is a need for compressed air. This can be used to operate tools, to run production or packaging lines and to operate other system components.

This often means being able to work and supply pressurized air on a continuous basis. It may also mean periods of heavy demand and periods of inactivity, so the air compressor has to be able to provide high volume, carefully controlled pressurized air.

A top option to meet these needs is found in the screw air compressor. Also known as a rotary screw, the design and manufacturing of this type of compressor have to precise. While complex to design and build, these compressors offer very low maintenance requirements and are highly reliable even in critical types of applications.

Low Noise and Vibration

Most air compressors are very loud during operation, and they tend to produce a lot of vibration. This can create challenges in a range of different applications, but specifically for indoor or close proximity types of applications.

The screw air compressor uses two precision machined rotors that mesh with each other and continually turn, forcing the air to compress through the chamber and exit through the outlet under pressure. As there is no movement via a crankshaft and piston and the movement is continuous along the rotors, this offers a very low noise and low vibration type of system.

Oil-Free Possibilities

Oil-free models of screw air compressor are ideal for use in any type of food, beverage or pharmaceutical production requirements. They can also be used in industrial applications where the presence of oil in the air is a critical concern.

These air compressors can offer heat recovery systems, offer oil or water cooling possibilities as well as operate at higher levels of energy efficiency for cost savings.

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