Top Reasons To Choose Professional Termite Treatment For Your Melbourne Home Apr02


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Top Reasons To Choose Professional Termite Treatment For Your Melbourne Home

The climate and weather conditions around Melbourne are not just ideal for people, they are also a great place for insects of all types. Unfortunately, this includes highly destructive types of insects such as termites.

When it comes to eliminating termites from your home and property, using a termite treatment from a professional pest control service is the only effective option. Too often homeowners attempt to use do-it-yourself methods that may temporarily appear to work that only mask the damage to the home.

Environmentally-Friendly Options

Pest control services provide environmentally-friendly and safe options for termite treatment. Safe options for homes with children and pets include termite baiting systems that eliminate termites on the property and within the home over a period of time.

This is very different than many of the harsh and toxic chemicals used a termite treatment in the past. In some cases, termiticides, special insecticides designed to kill termites, may be recommended. Other options may also be recommended based on the specific type of termite and the area to be treated. Termites do have preferred types of food sources and activities, which is why knowing the termite variety is essential when planning the most effective treatment.

Using a professional service to routinely check for termite activity in and around a home in Melbourne is always recommended. A once a year inspection, even with a termite baiting system in place, reduces the risk of future termite infestations.

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