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Top Reasons To Add A Tramp Oil Separator To Your Shop

In any machining shop, coolant is a major consideration both for the ongoing cost of the operation as well as the quality of the machining services provided. When oil becomes entrained in the coolants, or even worse when it reaches levels to float on the top in the sump or reservoir, it can have a negative impact on machining quality and efficiency.

Coolant Quality and Cost Issues

With high levels of oil and contaminant in the coolant, the cutting tools have a shorter life-cycle, adding to the operational costs. The heat is not as effectively dissipated during the machining process, which leads to a lower ability to work to specific tolerances.

With a tramp oil separator, the cost of disposing of used coolant is significantly reduced, primarily due to the ability to recycle the coolant and extend its life. Additionally, by removing both the oils as well as the suspended solids, the life of cutting tools is also extended, which is also a cost-saving feature.

Compact Size

For shops using a parts wash system and machining equipment, a tramp oil separator is always a beneficial addition to the equipment line. There are options in equipment that are highly compact, making it easy for even a smaller shop to accommodate the system.

These separators are built to last, and they required very limited maintenance or repair. It is important to review any operating requirements or recommendations and choose the brand and model that is the best match for the specific needs.

Operational Consideration

Choosing a tramp oil separator that can run while the equipment is in use is a definite benefit to any shop. This eliminates the need to shut down the equipment to filter and separate the tramp and entrained oil and solids, which means the equipment can be used on a regular schedule through the shop.

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