Top 5 LinkedIn Sales Strategies

by | Aug 7, 2013 | Business

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Sales StrategiesLinkedIn marketing has exploded over the last several years, as more and more companies have realized the value and importance of putting their best foot forward to develop a strategy that will allow them to become noticed. LinkedIn is one of the largest social networks in the world, so companies cannot afford to not be a part of the massive platform. The following are the top 5 LinkedIn sales strategies to succeed.

1. Be Present and Appealing. You can’t gain positive exposure if you don’t have an appealing profile. The first step is to get a presence, by not only creating great pages, but by getting involved with the right LinkedIn groups as well. Groups are often created by subject, and they engage certain targeted groups of people. Groups are the best way to generate sales leads.

2. Get Attention. Promotion! Promotion! Promotion! This word cannot be stressed heavily enough. If people do not know that you exist, then you will find it difficult to get sales. Target customers and leads on a large scale, with catchy content that will stick in their minds. LinkedIn is the best place to spread your message, if you do things right.

3. Market, Prospect for, and Nurture Leads. Exceptional content is the best way to market for leads. LinkedIn has many advanced search features that will allow you to do things such as search for specific groups of people by industry, position, department, or other targeted criteria. Interacting heavily with these groups of people can positively impact your sales. Always nurture your leads as they come in! Work diligently to please your customer, and you will be rewarded with great sales.

4. Leverage Your Employees. Use your employees as tools! They can be your LinkedIn army for the battle to succeed. Build their networks over time, and ask them to update their feeds often to share content or news. If your employees have a presence, then they will be able to foster solid relationships at every level of the sales funnel. Good relationships turn into long-term customers.

5. Advertise. Nowhere else on this planet will you be able to reach 1,000 targeted customers for less than a buck. That is the general cost for advertisement on LinkedIn. The platform will enable you to narrow your specific targets, so that you are concentrating on areas where many of your prospects are present. Advertising is essential, if you expect to increase your sales by utilizing LinkedIn.

The key to getting a large number of sales leads with LinkedIn is to get and maintain the right contacts. LinkedIn is a phenomenal platform that can help sales managers and their teams to prospect for new leads much faster, must more profitably, and much smoother than ever before. Different companies will find that different approaches will work well for one company, but not for the next. It is important to find out what works for you, based on what products and services you are offering, and the resources that you have at your disposal.

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