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Top 4 Reasons to Schedule Air Duct Cleaning in Springfield, MO

Air ducts are essential for circulating air throughout the home. Air ducts filled with dirt and debris restrict airflow and pollute indoor air. Here are four reasons homeowners should schedule air duct cleaning in Springfield, MO, today!

  1. Minimize Household Allergens

Professional duct cleaning services rid ducts of microorganisms and harmful pollutants that irritate one’s eyes, nose, and throat. Allergy sufferers are even more sensitive to airborne allergens. Regular duct cleaning can ease allergy symptoms.

  1. Reduce the Amount of Dust in the Home

Does it seem like surfaces get dusty too fast? Don’t blame one’s housekeeping skills. The culprit could be dirty ducts. Clean them and keep dust at bay longer.

  1. Fewer Illnesses

Households with dirty ductwork can experience more respiratory and flu-like symptoms than those with clean ductwork. Regular air duct cleaning helps people spend less money treating bronchial infections and other illnesses and keep people from missing out on important events because they’re too sick to go.

  1. Extend the HVAC’s Lifespan

Dirty ductwork doesn’t only affect air quality and one’s health. It also affects how the HVAC system does its job. If the system has to work harder to get heated or cooled air throughout the house, it will experience more mechanical wear and tear. The outcome is a reduced lifespan and more repairs.
Schedule Duct Cleaning Today

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), households should have their ducts cleaned every three to five years. For air duct cleaning in Springfield, MO, contact Jon Wayne Heating & Air at https://jonwayneheatingandair.com.

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