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Top 3 Reasons A Water Filtration System Is Right For You And Your Naples FL Family

The clean water crisis has reached alarming proportions. Municipal water supplies are heavily disinfected which leaves the drinking water smelling and tasting awful. It still doesn’t catch all the contaminants. As a result, people are drinking and cooking with bottled water. However, the plastic waste is also reaching alarming proportions. Our oceans are strangling on plastic water bottles.

What’s the answer? Home water filtration in Naples, FL, systems catch the hard metals, fluoride, chlorine, and minerals making the water bad for us. Filtration is just about the only remedy for clean, healthy drinking water as well as the answer to the plastic bottle problem. These are the top three reasons to use a home filtration system.

1. Saves Money

A case of bottled water usually costs around ten bucks for generic brands and considerably more for major brands like Nestle or Deer Park. If you drink a case of bottled water every three days, then you’re spending around $80 for bottled water per month. A water filtration system typically costs around $100 and doesn’t have to be replaced for one year. That’s money that could be effectively used elsewhere.

2. Keeps The Doctor Away

Waterborne diseases are contracted from contaminated water. Drinking dirty tap water could possibly cause cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. Water filtration in Naples, FL, will save money on doctor visits and the prescriptions to treat waterborne diseases. Your family will be healthier and enjoy a stronger immune system.

3. Food Will Taste Better

You’d be surprised how much better food will taste when it’s washed and cooked in clean water. Your body will be better able to absorb the nutrients that aren’t killed from the contaminants in tap water. Your body will also be better able to clear out toxins when it has clean water with which to work. Contact Mike’s Plumbing of SW FLA Inc. at Website Url to learn more about it.

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