Tooth Decay and Your Dentist in New Brunswick NJ Dec18


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Tooth Decay and Your Dentist in New Brunswick NJ

Caries – also known as tooth decay – is one of the most common diseases that people of all ages can get. Even though the disease is usually a slow process and may occur in the earliest stages of development, it can be stopped by improving oral hygiene. But if the decay is not treated in time, the patient can suffer pain and teeth will eventually perish. You should see your local Dentist in New Brunswick, NJ if you feel you have tooth decay.

Why do you get decay?

Besides teeth, there are two things that must be present at the same time for decay to occur: bacteria and sugar. There is always bacteria in the mouth and on the teeth, and it is not regularly removed from the teeth. The development of a coherent coating, which is called plaque, forms from this bacteria. Many of the bacteria produces acid when they take up sugar from the foods you consume. Saliva washes a minimal amount of bacteria, acid and sugar away. Some bacteria secretes more acid than others and these thrive well even under the best acidic conditions. If you often consume sugary foods and drinks, the acid is not neutralized by saliva, and acid dissolves gradually into tooth minerals.

How to stop decay?

Caries be prevented and controlled best by daily cleaning of the teeth and the use of fluoride toothpaste, because fluoride protects the tooth against acid. It’s hard even to notice the early stages of caries, and you should regularly go to the dentist in New Brunswick, NJ to get your teeth checked. If the dentist detects an incipient decay, you will receive advice and guidance on oral hygiene, diet and fluoride. The dentist can also treat decay when you are at the clinic.

If you are at high risk of developing decay, the use of toothpaste with a high content of fluorine or mouthwash with fluoride will be of extra help to prevent decay. Brushing your teeth morning and night for three minutes every time and using the right amount of fluoride toothpaste will also help. Your Dentist in New Brunswick NJ states that dental floss, toothpicks or an interdental brush to remove bacteria between the teeth is also a must. For more information, contact Livy Dental today.

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