Toms River Dentists Help Their Patients Have Healthy Teeth

It’s important for a person’s health that they have dentists in Toms River that clean and check their teeth and gums every six months. This ensures that any problems such as tooth decay and gum disease are caught early. These aren’t just unsightly conditions, they are actual infections that can spread to the rest of a person’s body. It’s also easier to plan for the cost of preventative care than it is to face emergency dental bills.

Some people think of a cavity as a hole in their tooth and nothing more. It’s actually a bacterial infection that’s eating away at the tooth. If left unchecked it can destroy the tooth and require a porcelain crown. If it ends up in the root area, then the patient will need a root canal. An inflamed root can be a very painful experience because there are a lot of nerves in that area. Some people believe that a root canal is a painful procedure. Because of the numbing dentists in Toms River, the patient won’t feel the procedure at all. What they remember is the pain they felt before.

Having a cavity filled used to mean having a silver filling. These were ugly and gave the tooth a grayish tone. Today’s fillings are much different. They are are made up of resins that match the tooth exactly. This gives the patient a brighter smile. They also don’t have to be self-conscious about having so many cavities. This one simple change has made many Americans have whiter teeth. Although they may need to speak with their dentists in Toms River if they like to drink a lot of coffee and teeth.

This can lead to very stained and yellow teeth. Professional whitening treatments in a dentists in Toms River can lighten teeth up to eight shades in just 90 minutes. Sometimes at-home whitening kits can irritate sensitive teeth. Dentists know how to evaluate the enamel on a patient’s teeth. If they have a thinner than normal layer, they can use fewer chemicals. While the teeth may not be quite as bright, they won’t ache as much. Very few people can tell the difference between teeth that are six shades lighter and those that are eight shades lighter. Contact Sun Dental, they offer emergency dental services.

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