Tips to Help You Find the Best Commercial Property Insurance in Denver

Choosing the right commercial property insurance is an important decision for any business owner. There are many factors to take into consideration when making this decision, and it can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. To help make things easier, this blog post lists tips that will guide you in the search of searching for insurance for your commercial property in Denver, CO.

Find Out What Type of Commercial Property Insurance You Want

You can choose from three different types of commercial property insurance: business owners, general liability, or products and completed operations. Each type provides a unique level of coverage for the insured risks associated with your company’s activities.

Make Sure That the Coverage Includes Your Specific Needs

Some commercial property insurance policies include general coverage, but if you have unusual needs such as a business-specific product or liability exposure, make sure that the policy includes your specific need.

Ensure There Are No Exclusions in the Policy for Certain Types of Losses

If you were to have a break-in with property loss, would the policy cover that? What about if someone was injured on your premises and your commercial liability insurance only covers injuries by employees or contractors? Make sure the coverage is broad enough for all possible losses.

Be Aware Of Any Potential Gaps in Coverage, Such As a Deductible On Loss or Damage and Increased Rates if You Have Vacant Space

If you lose a lot of merchandise during an earthquake and then come to find out that none of it’s insured, you could be in big trouble. Make sure there are no gaps in coverage!

If you’re searching for a company to insure your commercial property in Denver, CO, request a quote from The Thompson Group at

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