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Tips on Saving Money on Supplies When Living in a Student Apartment

Living in off-campus apartments near UGA can be the adventure of a lifetime. However, living on your own also tends to be a little pricey. When you’re in college, you don’t have the time to pick up a full-time job to pay your bills while you’re trying to earn a degree. Instead of trying to earn more money, focus on cutting back your spending as much as possible.

Tips on Saving Money When Living in a Student Apartment
A few dollars here or there might not seem like much, but they add up fairly quickly. Here are some tips on saving money when living in a student apartment:

  • Avoid impulse buys like grabbing a soda or a snack at sporting events. If you think you’ll get hungry, bring a snack from your apartment.
  • Use the restroom facilities on campus as much as possible. You’ll use less toilet paper in your apartment, allowing you to save a few dollars.
  • Walk or take the bus to campus instead of using your gas money.
  • Take advantage of free food events whenever possible.
  • If you need new clothes, stop by the local thrift store instead of the mall.
  • Make your own coffee in your apartment instead of buying a drink from the local coffee shop.
  • Be on the lookout for free events in your community so you can have fun without spending money.

If you’re thinking about renting off campus apartments near UGA, contact River Club.

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