Tips on Picking Out Residential Replacement Windows in Alexandria, VA

Many residential replacement windows in Alexandria, VA, don’t need to be painted, and they can improve your house’s aesthetics, quietness, and insulation. They can lessen carbon impact and are simpler to maintain than older windows with storm and screen combinations. Changing windows requires making a lot of decisions. The tips in this post will aid you in picking the best windows for your house if you decide to install new ones.

Look at the Energy Star Label

As with large appliances, the Energy Star label and zone map on a window will indicate whether the model satisfies Energy Star requirements in your region of the nation, but they won’t tell you how much money you’ll save compared to other models. Late in October 2023, Energy Star increased the requirements for accreditation.

Pay Attention to the NFRC Label

Check for a National Fenestration Rating Council label on any residential replacement windows in Alexandria, VA, you are considering purchasing. A place such as The Window Man will have these product labels. The NFRC label will have a sun form framed by a black arch in the upper left corner. You can compare the window to other windows on the market by using the data on the NFRC label, which provides an overview of the window’s energy performance. These include the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, which shows how well they block heat from the sun from entering the home, and the U-factor, which shows how well the window keeps heat from fleeing the house. Lower values denote more effectiveness in both scenarios. Additional information on the sticker may also affect energy efficiency.

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