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Tips from Your Family Dentist in Appleton

Everyone loves that smooth, fresh feel from having a professional dental cleaning; it’s like spring cleaning for your mouth (only twice a year). It’s such a fantastic feeling that most of us would like to have it year round, but it can be difficult to get the same results at home without the professional tools and specialist skills. Luckily a family dentist in Appleton has shared some tips and tricks to use at home that can help you hang on to that fantastic clean feeling between regular appointments, and with a little practice and the help of a few specialized dental aids, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

Most of us know that flossing is important to prevent tooth decay, but it’s easy to forget or simply put it off until later. This is not only bad for the health of your teeth, but it also affects the appearance, especially near and at the gum-line. Make a point of flossing after every meal to remove food particles, and use dental picks or inter-dental cleaners to gently dislodge tartar. Once you’ve cleaned between your teeth, it’s time to brush. Your dentist can recommend a quality toothpaste that whitens and cleans at the same time, maintaining the sparkling clean from your professional session. Be careful to brush gently; some people think that scrubbing does a better job, but it can actually irritate gums and create tooth sensitivity, so stick to a gentle circular motion. For the finishing touch, dampen a corner of a clean washcloth and dip it into a small bowl of baking soda, then gently rub the baking soda over your teeth, using the same motion as brushing. Most dentists now utilize a baking soda toothpaste mix, which is what create the smooth, pristine feel in the mouth. It doesn’t take much, so only use a small amount. After rubbing your teeth with the soda, rinse well with water, and finish off with a mild mouthwash.

A beautiful smile with strong, healthy teeth allows you to face the world with confidence, and a wonderfully clean mouth can give you the guts to smile wide. By following these tips from your family dentist Appleton, you’ll be sure to have a gorgeous smile now and for years to come.

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