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Tips for Using Mirrors in Smithtown, NY

Mirrors are one of those decor items that not everyone thinks about. Perhaps they have a mirror in the bathroom and one in the bedroom so they can more easily get ready in the morning. However, mirrors can be useful in other parts of the home as well. Here are some tips for using Mirrors in Smithtown NY.

Use As a Focal Point

If you want to use a mirror as a focal point in a room, choose a relatively large mirror that will get noticed and make sure that the frame is also a bit ornate so it draws the eye. Another option is to create a grouping of smaller mirrors of different sizes and shapes.

Use to Make a Space Appear Larger

Choosing very large mirrors in Smithtown NY can be useful for making a room look larger. In this case, look for a mirror that doesn’t have a very noticeable frame so that the mirror kind of fades into the background while reflecting the room so it looks larger overall. A horizontal mirror will help accentuate the width of the room, while a vertical one will help accentuate the height of the room.

Use to Increase the Light in a Room

Another purpose for using mirrors in a room is to increase the amount of light. In this case, you want the mirror to reflect the light already in the room. To do this, locate the mirror across from the light source in the room, such as across from a window or leaning at an angle against the wall so it reflects light from a ceiling fixture.

Mirror Do’s and Don’ts

Skip frameless mirrors, and keep the color of the frame similar to the color of woodwork or other frames in the room. In general, hang mirrors so they are about 5 feet from the floor, which tends to be about the right height for most people to be able to see their faces in the mirror. If the mirror is over a piece of furniture, it needs to be narrower than the furniture to look right.

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