Tips for Modifying Your Agreement for Child Support in Temecula Nov02


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Tips for Modifying Your Agreement for Child Support in Temecula

In some cases, making child support payments simply isn’t possible. If you have recently lost your job, had your income reduced or simply have a hardship, you may be able to modify your agreement either temporarily or permanently. When you need to modify your agreement for child support in Temecula, here are some suggestions to help with the process.

Be Quick
If you have suddenly run into financial troubles due to a loss of income or significantly reduced income, don’t wait until you’ve missed a few child support payments before petitioning the courts for a modification. If you’ve missed a payment or two, you will be responsible for those missed payments in full even if a modification is granted. As soon as there is a drastic change in your circumstances, notify the courts. You’ll be in a better position to negotiate a modification than if you wait until you are a few payments in arrears.

Talk to the Other Parent
If you are going through financial hardships, you may be able to talk to the other parent and agree on a modification of your child support lawyer in Temecula. Of course, if you aren’t on friendly terms with each other, this might be a more difficult task. But it doesn’t hurt to try an open discussion so you can both come to a fair agreement. If you think this is a possibility, it’s best to go through the mediation process to make everything official to keep problems to a minimum in the future.

Keep Making Your Payments
One of the worst things you can do in the eyes of the court is to simply stop making child support payments until a modification agreement has been reached. If you stop making payments, regardless of your financial situation, the court isn’t going to look at your case very favorably. Even if it’s difficult to make your payments, do the best you can. Make partial payments if necessary and keep any documentation about searching for a job as proof that you’re trying to honor your obligation.

Go to the Appropriate Court
When filing your modification for child support payments, you should make sure you go to the court that issued the order in the first place. For a modification, the court will have to issue a new order before the changes can officially take effect. Also, the papers that you file with the court must officially be served to the other parent before the changes can take effect.

We can file the proper documents with the court if you need a modification or simply give you advice on the best path to pursue. Visit the website for more information.

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