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Tips for Mice Extermination in Moore, OK

Mice may look cute when readers see them on TV, but when they’re found running across the kitchen floor, they’re nothing short of disgusting. After all, rodents are known to carry potentially dangerous diseases and mice can be destructive as well as disgusting, chewing holes in walls and ripping up furniture to build nests for their young. Not all methods of mice extermination in Moore OK are equally effective, though, so it’s best for readers to do their homework before they decide on a course of action.

Mouse Traps

There are many different kinds of mouse traps available, from the standard wooden snap traps to elaborate live-capture traps. While they do constitute an important element of just about any plan for getting rid of mice, they are unlikely to catch every mouse in the house. Those that happen upon dead mice in the traps, for instance, may be smart enough to know that they should stay away, making them more difficult to catch.

Bait Stations

This form of mice extermination in Moore OK relies on poison. Bait stations are placed around the house or yard in places where mice should be able to find them easily and gnaw through their thin wrapping. Those who want to give bait stations a shot should always call a pest control expert to lay the traps and remove them as improper handling of poison can be dangerous to a home’s residents.

Get a Cat

It may sound absurd, but the right cat really can all but eliminate a mouse problem. Unfortunately, not all cats are equipped with this killer instinct. Today’s pampered felines are far more likely just to wait until their owners come home to feed them than they are to spend their days chasing after rodents.

Call in a Pro

The easiest and by far the most effective way to deal with a mouse infestation is to call a pest control specialist. These experts know exactly what methods to use and where to use them and furthermore, they can track down any entry points to prevent future infestations, as well. Readers who want to avoid all of the hassles of catching and disposing of potentially a dozen or more mice can click here to learn about one local company that can help today.

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