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Tips for Knowing If Invisalign Is Right for You

Are you dissatisfied with the look and alignment of your teeth? Do you feel uncomfortable smiling or find that it is difficult to bite or chew your food? If this describes you and you are an older teenager or an adult, you may find that the best treatment for your needs is Invisalign in Lincoln Park. Invisalign offers you a unique way of getting the smile that you deserve. Rather than having to live with bulky and embarrassing metal braces for the next two years, you can experience fast results without any embarrassment using clear, plastic trays.

Are You Suffering from Minor Tooth Misalignments?

If your teeth are only mildly to moderately misaligned or if you are suffering from a slight overbite or underbite, Invisalign can help you correct these problems. Invisalign gradually shifts your teeth into new positions so that you can get straight teeth, an ideal bite and a photo-ready smile. It can also correct small gaps between teeth. However, if you have severe problems, you may need a more traditional orthodontic solution.

Do You Want an Easy Solution?

Invisalign is truly the easy solution because it uses removable plastic trays that gradually change in shape over the months that you undergo treatment. While you should wear these trays most of the time, you can take them out for eating or for brushing your teeth, and you can even take them out for some special occasions. Because they are nearly invisible to the naked eye, you will not have to worry about embarrassment as you wear them.

Treatments with Invisalign in Lincoln Park are the smart solution if you are looking for a proven solution for mildly misaligned teeth. Contact Chicago Smile Design today at for more information.

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