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Tips for Evaluating an Assisted Living Facility in Omaha, NE

Several recent events have made it clear that a loved one can no longer live alone. That means the time has come to figure out some other kind of living arrangement. One way to go is to look at the local Assisted Living Facility in Omaha NE and see what it has to offer. Here are some suggestions on what to consider closely before deciding it will be a safe and pleasant place for the loved one to live.

Location Matters

While the loved one does need help with a number of tasks, getting out and managing things like shopping or going out to eat is still a possibility. It helps when the Assisted Living Facility in Omaha NE is conveniently located to shops and restaurants. Whether the plan is for the loved one to use public transport, drive, or walk to those venues, finding something that makes it easy to run errands and still be closer to home is a good idea.


What sorts of units are available at the facility? Would the loved one have a choice between a spacious room complete with a private bath as well as a small apartment that comes with a compact kitchen? Depending on the level of independence that the loved one can reasonably maintain, having choices for the private space is a good idea.

Medical Support

Check into the type of medical support offered by the facility. Are there nurses who check on the residents daily and help remind them to take medications? How about a dietitian who can prepare meals suitable for those on special diets? Knowing there is someone there to ensure the resident is healthy and getting the care needed will be a great comfort to the family.

For those who believe the time has come to find a new place to live for a loved one, you could look here and check out all the features and amenities offered. Arrange to tour the facility and pay close attention to the services and activities provided for the residents. After taking a good look at everything the place has to offer, deciding if it is right for the loved one will not be very difficult.

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