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Tips for Designing Retaining Walls in Muskego

Choosing to make some updates to the landscaping means more than moving a few plants around and adding some stepping stones near the patio. Adding elements like Retaining Walls in Muskego can open up all sorts of possibilities for the landscaping. Here are some tips that will help during the design process.

Taking a Look at Different Materials

When it comes to the construction of Retaining Walls in Muskego, all sorts of materials can be part of the design. Perhaps the home-owner would like to utilize the same type of brick used for the exterior walls of the home. Another option is to go with concrete blocks that can be painted or stained to blend in with the general plan for the landscape. Using natural stone will help to make the wall seem like part of a natural slope in the lay of the land. There is even the possibility of using materials like old rail-road ties to give the place a vintage look.

The Size and Shape of the Wall

Another factor to consider is the size and shape of the wall itself. When the plan is to create levels for some type of display of blooming plants and greenery along the fence, keep in mind that a rounded wall encompassing a corner is a great approach. If the home-owner wants to create a raised area that will serve as the backdrop for an outdoor seating area, make sure the wall is tall enough to provide a great wind break on blustery days. Remember that it is always possible to use cardboard to create a faux wall in the right spot, then trim the product to suit the preferences of the owner. When finished, that cardboard will serve as the pattern for the real thing.

For home-owners who have a general idea of what they would like but need help with the specifics, Contact Koch Kuts Landscaping and Maintenance and schedule a visit to the property. In no time at all, they can come up with a design that is ideal, and get to work turning the idea into reality. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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