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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Many women will just show their boyfriend the type of engagement ring they want, but some will not make it so easy for their man. Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be difficult if the lucky lady has not dropped any hints. There are some tips that can be used to help make this process a bit less stressful.Look at Her Other JewelryTake the time to look at the other jewelry she wears. Is there a certain cut that is prominent in most of her jewelry? Check to see if she prefers gold or sterling silver pieces. Looking at the jewelry she currently wears can give hints to what she may like in an engagement ring.Ask Her Friends and Family for HelpTalk with her friends and family to get suggestions. She may have discussed with them the type of Engagement Rings that she likes. If she has not discussed this with them and they do not have any suggestions, ask them if they can find a way to bring it up to her and get some ideas about what she likes. Hopefully, they can find a way to start a discussion about the ring without her getting suspicious.Take Her to a Jewelry StoreWhile it may eliminate a bit of the surprise of the special moment, take her to a jewelry store and let her point out some of her favorites. She still will not know exactly what engagement ring will be chosen so it keeps some of the surprise still going. If none of the tips above help in making the perfect choice, then maybe it is best to let her pick out her own engagement ring. This will insure that the size is right and that she gets the exact ring that she wants. In the end her happiness is what matters the most as far as the ring is concerned. The perfect engagement ring can start the engagement off on the right foot and hopefully lead to many years of happiness wearing the beautiful ring that is there as a constant reminder of the day she got engaged.

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