Tips for Choosing Air Dryers Parts & Accessories Oct16


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Tips for Choosing Air Dryers Parts & Accessories

The process of compressing air causes the air’s temperature to rise and concentrate water vapor. As the compressed air cools, the water vapor condenses into the tank, hoses, and other components that are downstream from the compressor. The moisture must be removed in order to prevent it from interfering with industrial processes. A compressed air dryer is a filter system designed specifically for removing moisture contained in compressed air.

Types of Air Dryers

There are several types of air dryers with the most common being refrigerated and desiccant. Each dryer has its unique Air Dryer Parts & Accessories. It is important to maintain the dryers to ensure they work properly.

  • Refrigerated air dryers work by cooling down the air similar to a refrigerator in a home. The warm, humid air enters the dryer where it is cooled down after which; the water vapor in the air is condensed into water. Once the vapor is condensed to water, the water is then removed from the air by a water-trap. Cold air is then reheated to room temperature where the air is dryer.
  • Desiccant dryers remove moisture by attracting moisture to itself. Compressed air passes through a vessel that is filled with a desiccant material such as silica gel. The material then absorbs the moisture.

Many Air Dryers Parts & Accessories include energy savings dew point dryer controls, low dew point options, mounted filters, increased ambient protection as well as electrical and instrumental options. It is important to purchase parts from a dealer who specifically carries air compressors and dryer parts. Doing so will ensure the right parts or accessories are purchased.

Shopping for an Air Dryer

When shopping for air dryer parts or accessories at Air Center Inc. or other dealers, it is important to choose which dryer will be best for the current air conditioner. It is important to purchase the most economical option in order to save on energy bills.

Keep in mind also that the dryer must meet the capacity and maximum pressure limits of the air compressor in order to work effectively. For more information on which air dryer is best for your compressor, visit the website today.

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