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Tips on Extending the Life of Your Printer Cartridge

Why is printer ink so expensive? This is a question you ask yourself every time you are forced to go out and buy a new ink cartridge. Before you hop in your car and head to your local office supply store, make sure you are getting every last bit of use in your ink cartridge. Here are some tips and tricks to make your cartridge last a few uses more.

Font Choice

Surprisingly, what font you choose on a regular basis can have an effect on how long your ink cartridge lasts. Use heavy bolds and larger sizes can eat up your ink easily. Go easy on these if at all possible and stick with the standard font choices.

Printer Properties

Check your printer properties and opt to print using black ink only rather than always choosing color. Color should be used only when necessary. Also, if you have the option of printing in draft mode, do so and you will use far less ink than in the default mode.

HP Ink Cartridge Reset

If you have an HP printer and have had an HP ink cartridge refill, you can try this method. Essentially, you cover each connect one-by-one with tape and print out a test page as you add the tape. There are videos online that can teach you how to do this reset.

Shake and Replace

This is one of the original tried and true hacks used on laser cartridges. Take out your installed cartridge and briskly shake to loosen any ink clots and masses. The remaining ink will gradually spread inside the cartridge and lengthen the cartridge life.

These above tricks and tips are not a long term solution as you will eventually have to buy a new ink cartridge, but it helps in the short term.

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