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The Three Ways to Deal with Unfinished Flooring After Buying a Fixer-Upper

Unfinished Flooring is just a serious eyesore, but it is what one expects when they buy a fixer-upper. Many investors choose to dip into real estate and fixer-uppers because they are viable and challenging. This investment style also invites a lot of discussions, potential disagreements, and ways to approach the project. In regards to an unfinished floor, there are three big ways to go. Two of them can be predicted, but the third is an outside-the-box way to handle the problem

Finish It

Of course, the first solution is to finish the floor. This is probably only a viable option if the current floor condition is salvageable and matching parts can be realistically found. In old fixer-uppers, this may not be the case.

Start from Scratch

Is the floor an unfinished and unmitigated disaster? Get rid of it. Do not try to salvage something that cannot be realistically recovered. It would require not only completing what is unfinished but getting what was finished in proper working order. It may not be worth the overhaul, and would easily justify the removal of the entire thing and start over.

Split the Room

There is another peculiar approach to Unfinished Flooring. Say, one-half of the floor is relatively finished and in decent shape. The other half is either in disarray or just not even touched at all. Some fixer-uppers have decided to take advantage of this split by salvaging the areas that are done and taking the other areas in a totally new direction. For example, wood paneling could be placed in the areas that are incomplete. The areas that are unfinished could consist of tile, and they can be modified to fit a different room or space entirely. This, subsequently, splits the space up. The area with the wood floor can be an extension of the kitchen or a nook. The area with the tile floor could be a living room or foyer.

The website at Website can offer big-minded ideas for how to handle any of the above directions a new homeowner can take. Speak to one of the team members and find solace that though the renovation project is big, the team has almost always seen something bigger and crazier.

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