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Three Valuable Tips on How to Choose a Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora

Hydraulic cylinders are essential actuation devices found in many items, including boats, gym equipment, and heavy machinery. These devices are commonly used to create mechanical force in a linear motion. They are commonly used to lift, push or something and many other types of work. A hydraulic cylinder is made of a piston with a rod affixed to its sides, a steel tube and mounting accessories. Here are some valuable tips on how to choose the right Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora.

Tip 1: Choose the Right Type

Hydraulic cylinders come in a wide range of styles including telescopic, tie rod and welded cylinders. If you are looking for a hydraulic cylinder for industrial use, consider choosing a welded cylinder or a tie rod cylinder. Welded cylinders come with heavy-duty housing with a barrel bolted or welded directly to the end caps. These cylinders do not have tie rods. They specifically designed for hire pressure of up to 5000 psi or higher. Tie rod cylinders have sturdy threaded steel tie rods on the cylinder housing. They are limited to a maximum operating pressure of 3000psi.

Tip 2: Go for the Right Mountings

The type of mounting a hydraulic cylinder has its performance greatly. The method of cylinder mounting depends on whether its body is stationary or pivots. For a stationary cylinder, fixed mounts are recommended due to minimal wear and excellent force transfer capabilities. Experts recommend rod-end mounts for pull loads and capped end mounts thrust loads. While foot mounted cylinders are usually easy to install and maintain, they usually generate offset loads.

Tip 3: Take Into Consideration the Environmental Conditions

Before purchasing a hydraulic cylinder, it is important to know where it is going to operate. This will help you choose the right materials, finishes, and seals. The material of a cylinder can easily be modified to meet the specific environmental conditions. Cylinder finishes can include paint finishes or metal plating to meet the specific outdoor and indoor applications.

With a good understanding of the above information, you will certainly have an easy time choosing a Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora. For more info about hydraulic cylinders contact Miller Hydraulic Service Inc.

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