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Three Things to Keep in Mind for Your Fence Installation in Hoover, AL

Proper fence installation requires the experience of professional fence installers. However, there are a few important things homeowners should keep in mind as they are in the midst of building their fence.

Make sure your fencing contractor follows best practices for fence installation. Consider the following advice from expert fence installers:

Posts Should Be spread Apart

Experts in fence installation in Hoover, AL, recommend separating posts just under 8 feet apart. This rule of thumb is important to prevent sagging over time.

Moreover, this level of separation will improve the fence’s ability to withstand the wind and other weather.

Define the Property Lines

Don’t rely on the fence to determine your property line for you. It’s important to define your property line with the help of a professional before you start building.

Do this by getting a copy of the plot plan for your property from city hall. This will help you accurately mark the corners of the yard as you prepare to build your fence.

Plan for Two Fence Gates

When working with a fence installer, make sure they include two or more fence gates in the construction plans. Likewise, carefully plan out the location of these gates.

This decision should not be taken lightly as it will affect how easy it is to access your yard. Additionally, make sure that your exterior contractor makes each gate’s opening extra wide to guarantee that items like wheelbarrows will fit through them.

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