Three Things to Do the 24 Hours Before Any Orthopedic Pet Surgeries

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Animal hospital

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Orthopedic Pet Surgeries require some mental preparation across the board. They also require a bit of maintenance and some sacrifices in the weeks following the procedures. But, it is all easily manageable. Pet will adore the additional attention and love he or she will receive after they successfully make it out the other end.

Below are three tips any pet owner can do to make the life of their pet (and their own life) a whole lot more manageable. Sometimes, life gets a little too busy. For the benefit of everyone, there are still plenty of things one can do to prepare just 24 hours before any procedure.

Have a Relaxing Space Marked Out

The pet will likely need some time to relax. They should have a specific space isolated for them. This space will be utilized after any Orthopedic Pet Surgeries. This will be an obvious recovery area that is close to the main action of the home (but not right up front). Notably, all pets should have their own little section of the home already. But, it is particularly important in this state of recovery.

Buy Food Ahead of Time

The veterinarian will certainly have some food to recommend specifically for the pet and the procedure they are facing. This is not something pet owners want to wait on. Some food items can be a little difficult to find. The pet may even need to get some of these special foods in the hours following a procedure. The last thing any pet owner wants to do is leave their pet alone at home (or in the car) while they dig through the aisles of the pet store.

Give the Pet a Big Bath

The surgery may put the pet in a position where he or she cannot get a bath for a few weeks. A nice big bath should precede any surgery. There may be wrapping involved or an e-collar that cannot be removed. In all, a bath is a prerequisite.

These are just a few steps recommended by the Animal Medical Center. All of these steps can be completed just a day before, and they will go a long way in preparing everyone for a rough few days following treatment. You can follow them on Twitter.

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