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Three Systems That Should Only Be Repaired By A Knowledgeable Air Conditioning Service In Crestwood

The HVAC system in a home is designed to maintain a constant temperature as outside conditions change. Advancements in technology allow manufacturers to produce the most energy efficient and reliable systems ever sold, but servicing them when issues do arise is a task that isn’t for an inexperienced technician. The following types of units require professional Air Conditioning Service in Crestwood, as they will have the tools to make make the proper repairs and ensure a system is operating as efficiently possible.

Inverter-Based Systems

When a thermostat activates a standard HVAC system, it sends power to the fan and compressor unit so that they engage. An inverter heat pump is designed to run at a variable speed and will slow down when excess energy isn’t needed to produce the hot or cold air necessary to alter the temperature in a home. Inverter-based systems are composed of thousands of parts, and accurately diagnosing problems and repairing them requires the use of specialized tools.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal HVAC units have been used for more than 20 years, and operate by circulating a specialized fluid located in pipes deep within the earth that absorbs the ambient temperature of the soil and transfers it to the furnace housing. The process of transference reduces the amount of electricity that is needed to maintain a house at a constant internal temperature. The pump system used in geothermal HVAC cooling and heating units is very sophisticated and should only be serviced by certified technicians.

Solar Powered Units

One of the latest advancements to hit the HVAC industry is the invention of solar-ready units. Solar panels are installed on the homeowner’s property and are used to power both the indoor and outdoor units. Systems that utilize the power of the sun for energy use advanced electrical components that require Air Conditioning Service in Crestwood by a licensed electrician that is familiar with their operation.

An HVAC system that isn’t functioning is often a source of frustration and stress. Harster Heating & Air Conditioning provides service on a vast array of makes and models and is standing by 24/7 to offer expert repair. Visit website to learn more or call today to schedule a repair appointment.

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