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Three Signs That Your HVAC System Needs to Be Serviced After Bad Weather

Winters in Virginia can get really cold. The weather can take a toll on your business’s HVAC system, especially during times of heavy snow or blizzards. Other times of the year, you could experience hurricanes, which can also affect the HVAC system in your building. Here are a few signs you should look out for after extreme weather, that may indicate damage to your HVAC system.

1.You See Physical Damage to the External HVAC Unit

If you see damage that wasn’t on your HVAC unit before the storm, you should contact a commercial heating service in Richmond, VA, for an inspection before you use it again. Even if it’s a few small dents, you don’t want to take the chance of turning it on and further damaging the system.

2. Your HVAC Unit is Overheating Even When It’s Freezing Outside

If you notice your unit is overheating even when it’s freezing outside, there is a possibility that the unit could have been covered by snow too long. Snow melts and the moisture can drip inside and cause rust and corrosion.

3. Your HVAC Unit is Freezing Up

When this happens, there is a possibility that a branch or rock punctured a hole in the freon line. This can cause the unit to freeze up. Of course, this is something that can be found when a professional from a commercial heating service in Richmond, VA, does an inspection.


Bad weather in Virginia is inevitable. Green Air Inc. offers 24-hour quality HVAC service in Hanover County, Richmond, and surrounding areas.

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