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Three Reasons to Consider Visiting a Foot Doctor

You see your primary care doctor and dentist for regular checkups, but when was the last time you saw a foot doctor? If your answer is never, it’s time to stop neglecting your feet. Whether your feet hurt or just look bad, here are three reasons to visit a foot doctor in Beverly.

You Have Foot or Ankle Pain

If your feet hurt, you don’t have to play through the pain. From sprains and torn ligaments to plantar fasciitis, there are many underlying causes of foot and ankle pain. A foot doctor can diagnose your problem and prescribe an effective treatment plan.

You Have Diabetes

The poor circulation associated with diabetes often leads to sores, infections, and amputations of the feet. If you have diabetes, it’s important to see a foot doctor in Beverly every year for a checkup.

You’re Embarrassed by Your Toenails

Are your toenails thick, yellow, or deformed? You don’t have to keep hiding your feet all summer. A foot doctor can trim down problem toenails and prescribe treatments to fix them for good, so you can bring out the sandals and flip-flops again.

Are you looking for a foot doctor with superior customer service and patient care? The medical and surgical care team at Mitchell Foot & Ankle is dedicated to providing complete care of the foot and ankle to patients of all ages in an atmosphere that encourages patient involvement.

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