Three of the Most Commonly Damaged Car Parts in a Car Accident Jan21


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Three of the Most Commonly Damaged Car Parts in a Car Accident

Accidents happen quite often. In fact, in 2018, over 278,000 accidents were reported to the NJDOT. While most of the time it’s just a fender bender, other times it can be something more serious. Either way, an accident will have you looking for professional auto body service in New Jersey. Here are three of the most commonly damaged parts in accidents:

1. Bumpers

In an impact, the front and/or rear bumper is usually the first to get hit (unless you’re hit from the side), so it will end up taking a lot of damage. Bumpers get damaged from mild accidents all the way up to severe accidents. Maybe you backed into a pole or another car while you were parking. Bumpers, unfortunately, are the most commonly damaged part.

2. Fenders

In the case of a side collision, your fender will catch the damage. Fenders are the second most damaged car part. Of course, a side head-on side collision (T-bone) will probably hit your door first, but many side collisions are swipes rather than head-on collisions.

3. Hoods

When a front impact is strong enough, you’ll see the hood of the car dented into a triangle shape. Hoods are a commonly damaged car part in accidents.


Unfortunately, accidents happen to the best of us. If you find yourself looking for auto body service in New Jersey for car repair, Frank’s Auto Repair & Auto Body, Inc. services Fanwood and surrounding areas.

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