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Three Common Causes of Truck Accidents

If you frequently drive the busy highways of Detroit, you may have probably shared the road with some of the country’s hardworking truck drivers. These drivers are essential for the economy of our nation. Large trucks transport essential products and merchandise from one part of the country to the other and are crucial for the operation of many companies. Without them, the economy may be paralyzed. However, sharing the road with them can sometimes be daunting. There are a lot of accidents recorded that involve trucks and other large vehicles. If you get entangled in a truck accident, you probably know the physical as well as emotional burden it entails. However, qualified Trucking Accident Attorney in Detroit MI can help you deal with the problems.

Truck accidents can be fearsome because of the potential magnitude of the accident. Compared to light-weight vehicles, the presence of these large vehicles on the highway can be very dangerous. Crashes involving heavy vehicles can result in serious and permanent injuries, which can even lead to death. Accidents involving trucks can happen due to a lot of reasons, some of which include the following:

1. Poor maintenance
Many Trucking Accident Attorneys in Detroit MI report mechanical failure as the cause of the crash. Poor maintenance of the truck can lead to catastrophic road accidents. Even if the driver is very much skilled or experienced, his abilities would not compensate for any mechanical problem of the truck. If it is proven that the truck is poorly maintained, the company can be held liable for any damages caused by the crash. The negligent company may be made to pay for the medical bills incurred by victims of the accident.

2. Overwork
Overly tired and overworked drivers are more prone to accidents. Drivers who are on the road for hours can make mistake which can lead to serious crashes. Although there are new laws that aim to avoid drivers from spending long hours on the road, many drivers are not fully aware of these and enforcing them is quite a challenge. Some drivers also push themselves hard to complete the job to the extent of risking personal and road safety. Drivers also have strict deadlines to meet hence they really try to reach their target. Trucking Accident Lawyers can help victims of crashes recover damages from the erring driver or its company.

3. Overload
Lastly, overloading can cause miscalculations on the part of the driver. This can either lead to busting of the wheels or spilling out the contents of the truck. While there are strict regulations regarding the weight a truck can load, overloading frequently happens. Truck Accident Attorney can help you establish if there was indeed overloading when the accident happened. If it is proven that the cause of the accident was overloading, the company may be forced to give you remuneration for all the damages sustained.


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