Threading Vs. Waxing Services in Austin, TX

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Beauty

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It isn’t uncommon for women to have a bit of extra hair on their face, either on their brows, chins, or upper lips. There are a few different methods to deal with this extra hair, including threading and waxing. Understanding the pros and cons of each method will make it easier to decide between them.


While neither the threading nor the Waxing Services Austin TX salons offer are particularly dangerous. However, threading is less likely to pull away skin as well as hair and it doesn’t involve the use of any chemicals, just two pieces of thread wielded by an expert. Reviews are mixed on whether threading or waxing is more painful, but both are mildly painful and may leave a bit of redness. Some people think that threading leaves skin less red than waxing. People using certain products, such as Retin-A, should avoid waxing as the skin is extra sensitive and can be pulled off by the wax.


Both the threading and the Waxing Services Austin TX salons provide pull multiple hairs out at once, making them faster alternatives than tweezing. However, because there’s no wait time for wax to dry, threading the eyebrows can sometimes be a bit quicker than waxing them. Results also can last longer, sometimes as much as three to four weeks, compared to two weeks for waxing, before needing to be done again. Even though threading is faster, it can also be more precise when done by the right person.


Some people may find it more convenient to visit one of the Waxing Services Austin TX salons, as there aren’t as many people available to do threading as there are to do waxing. This means it may be easier to find a good practitioner in your area. Threading can be a bit cheaper than waxing, but overall costs are similar and vary by region, ranging in price anywhere from $5 to $40. Less expensive services may not be as high quality as some of the more medium-range salons, so be wary of visiting a place that looks too good to be true.

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