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Thomas Edison Electric Inc. Keeps Homes Safe with Quality Electrical Repairs

Homeowners are aware of many maintenance procedures that must be completed in order to keep the home in good repair and everything working correctly. For instance, most people keep a schedule for tasks such as changing the furnace air filter, or draining the water heater as needed to reduce sediment. Gutters need cleared, and septic systems are pumped as needed. However, few think about the electrical system until something goes wrong.

Thomas Edison Electric Inc. offers repair in these cases, but homeowners need to be aware of the signs of an electrical issue before it becomes more than just an inconvenience. Electrical fires are one of the most common types in residential homes. Fraying wires happen over time, and need to be replaced just like any other component in the home. Thomas Edison Electric Inc. repairs many of these so that things can continue as normal.

What does a homeowner have to be on the lookout for? One of the first culprits to inspect to prevent electrical issues is the outlets. Loose outlets will lead to loose wires, and this causes shorts. An electrical short can cause outages in parts of the home, or can lead to a fire. In modern homes, outlets need to accommodate electrical plugs that have grounding pins. If a home owner notices a loose outlet, a hot plug, or evidence of burning on an outlet, its use must be discontinued. Thomas Edison Electric Inc. can easily replace outlets in order to make them safe. Homeowners may want to consider the best outlet that they can afford as a replacement.

Cheap outlets found in many homes cannot handle the loads from appliances like hair dryers, small heaters, and microwaves. The condition of a power plug or cord should also be checked from time-to-time. Anything that is loose or frayed should be replaced. Thomas Edison Electric Inc. can also add additional service to a home if needed. Other large projects include adding a home generator system; a job that should only be completed by a professional. The technicians may also be able to work on the electrical components of a heating and air system. These sometimes do not work due to power issues that can easily be fixed.

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