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This Kind Of Military Housing In Norfolk Virginia Is A Lot More Fun

If you’re a military officer, then you understand the importance of striking when the time is right. If you wait one second too long, it has the potential to lead to catastrophic consequences. While waiting too long to reserve military housing in Norfolk wouldn’t be catastrophic, it likely wouldn’t be fun.

Not Fun

Let’s say you wait to long to find and reserve military housing in Norfolk VA. This will likely mean that you will end up at a small and overpriced inland location. Throughout your stay, you will be cursing yourself for not taking advantage of a much better opportunity when it presented itself. Fortunately, you stumbled upon this article and can prevent this chain of events.

More Fun

We don’t just offer military housing in Norfolk, we offer discounted prices. For instance, we’re currently offering 50% off your first month’s rent. However, this only applies if you seize the opportunity and book now. Based on past trends, these spaces will be filled and our offer won’t last. We’re offering it to you now because we love our military.

Another big bonus is that our properties are either on or near the beach. It’s even possible to have a balcony facing the ocean. You can open your door at night and fall asleep to the gently crashing waves. Another possibility is a property with a veranda, where you kick back with a book or play on your phone while enjoying nature.

We have what you want at discounted prices. You can browse our properties online or give us a call at Boardwalk Realty & Development. Our phone number is 757-583-8808.

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